Thy Kingdom Come Here (Part 1) - Marriage Ministry Weekend

As we focus on helping God’s kingdom to shine in this world, it’s important that we don’t overlook some of the most obvious spots in which his kingdom should be present in our lives… including in our homes. At the center of many homes is a marriage – a reflection of Christ’s relationship with the church. That marriage not only has a major impact on the husband and wife, but their children and many others around them as well. However, as anyone who has been married knows, marriages take work, and thanks to sin’s influence on our lives, we’re often driven by selfishness over love for our spouses.

This week, Pastor Todd explains how a winning marriage takes more than hard work – it also takes the right fuel (wives feeling cherished and husbands feeling respected) and the right focus on one goal (putting Christ at the center of your marriage). That framework makes for an unbreakable marriage and empowers us to unleash the kingdom in our homes, leaving a strong legacy for generations to follow.

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